Sunday, 27 March 2011

Please be more specific.

It would be terrific
if you could please be more specific
no boundaries, no limits, just be nice?

The terms of this engagement
will lead to an estrangement
if the rules and regulations don't suffice.

I find it a restriction
to be told that, in my fiction
I can do just what the blooming heck I like

But in the spirit of this mission
I will add a little frisson
of some unexpected moon spiders frollicking in a pool of delicious golden syrup.

(If that's okay, and I hope you don't mind ;-)

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  1. Last weekend I went to see a rendition (?) of The Canterbury Tales in Oxford with Robin, his mate and his mate's dad. Very funny. It was only when the sunshine of a warm spring day hit me on the way out, that I realised the whole thing had been in rhyme. Like Rupert.


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